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So what is the difference between a blog site and a web site?  Plenty!  Blogs are a great way to get free advertising all over the internet.  Each time a post is put on the site, search engines like Google pick up the new content and put it on the web for the entire world to find.  What's even better, is that you can learn which key words and phrases people are frequently searching for, and include them in your blog post titles and content, which will create even more frequent visitors to your site!  Even big corporations are realizing that the old ways of advertising simply no longer work.  In this age of high tech gadgets, people can fast forward right through their commercials.  The same way with radio adversisements.  Many people now listen to commercial-free satellite radio.  The "big boys" are hiring blog professionals to create blog sites for them. So how does this help you?  The playing field in marketing is now an even one.  You and your product or services are now just as accessable as what a large company has to offer.

There are cases where a website is better, but if you are looking for a great way to advertise blogs are supreme.  We can also do matching websites and blogs.  To view some of the website and blog designs we have previously done, click on the site picture or links below.  These are actual working blog sites and web sites custom designed for our clients.  

Website Designs

NOTE:  This is not a complete listing of our web designs.  More will be put on the site for viewing

as soon as possible.  However, you can see that our work  is custom done and full of real quality.

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