Inspirations of the Past Studio

Custom WEBsite & blog designs, graphics, Caricatures, & artwork

   why our designs & artwork?

Are you looking for something unique, a bit different, funny, or even a bit extreme?  Then you are probably at the right place.

We offer original blog and graphic designs and services, custom caricatures from your photo, and one of a kind works of art in limited edition prints.  

Our blog designs are custom tailored to your needs.  We can even incorporate your photos or even do a personalized caracature for your site.  Much of our artwork is done the old fashioned way, hand crafted with a pen, paint brush or tool that is held in the hand of a real live artist.

In the age of digital computerized images, we believe there is still a need for artwork the way it used to be - hand crafted, from the heart, and with lots of the artist's soul. 

 what's new in the studio?

1/16/13 Design Services: We now offer custom designed web sites, blog sites and web graphics.  Our sites are designed to offer you a great way to present your business or yourself as "uniquely you."  No cookie-cutter sites here!  Contact us today to see how we can help you.

12/10/12 Holiday Prints:  Santa & the whole family are available.  These make great holiday decorations and wonderful gifts. 

2/24/12 In Memory of:  A great friend and artist has taken his journey to the other side after his courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.  He will be greatly missed!  

William Schalk Memorial Page