B = BUILD

                                C = CLEANSE 

                                D = DIRECT AID

The ABC+D System is a simplified energetic approach to health and wellness that helps modern Americans understand how to use herbs and supplements effectively. It helps you understand how restoring health is as simple as ABC+D. You have to do the following in these 4 easy steps:

(1) Activate the healing energies of the body

Solstic Energy, and/or enzymes Proactazyme (Age 39 and under) or Food Enzymes (Age 40 and over)

(2) Build the body with good nutrition

 Super Trio (Multi vitamin & mineral, antioxidant,& Omega 3) and Nature's Harvest (Probiotics, fiber & protein)

(3) Cleanse the body of toxins

 CleanStart Whole Body Cleanse

(4)  You also have to give Direct Aid to your weakest body system(s) to help restore natural function

The ABC+D System has already helped hundreds of people get a jump start in learning how to use herbs and supplements effectively.  Let us help you learn how to use this life-changing 4 step system!

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