Okay, many of you know that there has been a lot of dishonesty and fraud regarding detoxification products.  So, what really works?  Well, I have to say, the best thing that I have found in the past 15 years is ZEOLITE.   This is not just any zeolite, it is from the ORIGINAL U.S. MANUFACTURER and raw materialS supplier to other "wanna-be" zeolite companies.  These products and this company have REAL proven results; it's not just some MLM company tooting it's own horn and charging outrageous prices!  These products work, they're priced fairly, and the best part... there is no HYPE!

So What IS ZEOLITE (Just in case you don't know)?

Several years ago, many people were truly misled by the liquid zeolite MLM product (unfortunately, I was one of them), but at the same time, they really liked the convenience of using a liquid. Liquid Zeolite products on the market are now powdered Zeolite that is suspended in a liquid.  The truth is out.  Here is the video and the lab test that prove it.  There were a lot of requests for Regal Supplements to make a  powdered zeolite suspended in a natural preservative (vegetable glycerin).   The formula also contains vitamin B-12 and D3.  This new liquid product is called Zetox.  See more about Zetox in the video below.

Zetox Liquid Zeolite Formula


Order The "ORIGINAL ZEOLITE" Products Now

Order The "ORIGINAL ZEOLITE" Products Now

What more could you ask for in a zeolite company?  A great powdered zeolite product, a liquid zeolite formula, and even zeolite products specifically designed for virus', for the immune system, a diarrhea remedy, and a premium detox formula with zeolite as well as Apple Pectin, Chlorella, Cilantro, and Spirulina.

Why Detox?

According to the manufacturer of Regal Supplements, "The human body was designed to perfection. When the body is balanced it operates as it was designed to, using its resources efficiently, adapting to its surroundings and defending against foreign cells. Over time, our evolution has created a shift and our bodies now suffer from a constant and growing imbalance from a build up of toxins, heavy metals and impurities in our foods and our environment. The good news is that we are provided answers to our problems when we look to nature through the lens of science.

Zetox helps to put our bodies back in the proper state by removing the toxins and heavy metals from our bodies that slowly poison our potential. It also balances the body’s pH level, recalibrating the body’s functions to run on optimal levels. When the body is calibrated correctly and balanced properly, it can fight health conditions, better improving the quality of life."


Order The "ORIGINAL ZEOLITE" Products Now


“Unfortunately, we live in a very toxic world. Toxins and heavy metals are contaminating our water and soil, which also gets into our foods. Some of the heavy metals we are exposed to are Mercury, Lead, Arsenic and Cadmium. Some of the symptoms and signs of our exposure to these heavy metals are dizziness, headaches, loss of memory, lack of concentration, diarrhea, etc. Most doctors today are treating the symptoms as opposed to the underlying causes of our health issues. It is very important to detoxify our bodies of these chemicals and heavy metals on a daily basis. Zetox is the product that I recommend. Zetox goes into the cells and pulls out these toxins and heavy metals like a magnet. Daily use of Zetox helps keep our cells healthy and free of toxins. Everyone should be using Zetox.”

~ Dr. Howard Peiper



Order The "ORIGINAL ZEOLITE" Products Now